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A215-12 - Misty AltraSan Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer . Metered

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Metered dispenser. As an air sanitizer, this product effectively kills odor causing bacteria to cleanse the air you breathe. As a deodorant, the odor counteractant system chemically bonds with the malodor molecule destroying odors at the source. Standard 3,000 system provides excellent treatment (3,000 sprays for 80 microliter metered valve). Refill good for 30 days on 15 minute standard spray interval setting. EPA registered. not for sale in CA. Fresh linen scent. 12-oz.can. 8.2 net wt. 12 cans per case.

  • Total Packaged: 1 Case of 12
  • Manufacturer Model Number: A0215FL-12
  • UPC: 00723783205379

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